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Code:<a href=""></a> Code:<abbr title="title of abbreviation">an abbreviation</abbr> Output:an abbreviation Code:<acronym title="as soon as possible">asap</acronym> Output:asap Code:<address>Address: Box 666, Hell Drive<br />Phone: +12 34 56 78</address> Output:Address: Box 666, Hell DrivePhone: +12 34 56 78 Code:<b>This is bold</b> Output:This is bold Code:<big>Big Text </big> Output:Big Text Code:<blockquote>Here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation.</blockquote> Output:Here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation here is a long quotation. Code:<br /> Output: Code:<button type="button">Click Me!</button> Output:Click Me! Code:<center>Centered Text</center> Output:Centered Text Code:<em>Emphasized text</em> Output:Emphasized text Code:<strong>Strong text</strong> Output:Strong text Code:<dfn>Definition term</dfn> Output:Definition term Code:<code>Computer code text</code> Output:Computer code text Code:<samp>Sample computer code text</samp> Output:Sample computer code text Code:<kbd>Keyboard text</kbd> Output:Keyboard text Code:<var>Variable</var> Output:Variable Code:<tt>teletype text</tt> Output:teletype text Code:<cite>Citation</cite> Output:Citation Code:<dl><dt>Coffee</dt><dd>- black hot drink</dd><dt>Milk</dt><dd>- white cold drink</dd></dl> Output:Coffee- black hot drinkMilk- white cold drink Code:My favorite color is <del>blue</del> <ins>red</ins> Output:My favorite color is blue red Code:<fieldset><legend>A Legend:</legend>Luke Skywalker</fieldset> Output:A Legend:Luke Skywalker Code:<form>Input:<input type="text" /><br/><label for="tarea">Textarea</label><input type="textarea" name="tarea" /><br/><select> <optgroup label="Swedish Cars"><option value="volvo">Volvo</option><option value="saab">Saab</option></optgroup><optgroup label="German Cars"><option value="mercedes">Mercedes</option><option value="audi">Audi</option></optgroup></select><br/><input type="button" value="Button"><br/><input type="checkbox" name="vehicle" value="Bike" />I have a bike<br /><input type="checkbox" name="vehicle" value="Car" />I have a car<br/><input type="radio" name="sex" value="male" />Male<br /><input type="radio" name="sex" value="female" />Female<br/><input type="submit" /></form> Output:Input:Textarea VolvoSaabMercedesAudiI have a bikeI have a carMaleFemale Code:<h1>This is h1</h1> Output:This is h1 Code:<h2>This is h2</h2> Output:This is h2 Code:<h3>This is h3</h3> Output:This is h3 Code:<h4>This is h4</h4> Output:This is h4 Code:<h5>This is h5</h5> Output:This is h5 Code:<h6>This is h6</h6> Output:This is h6 Code:<hr /> Output: Code:<i>italic</i> Output:italic Code:<img src=""/> Output: Code:<ul><li>Unordered 1</li><li>Unordered 2</li><li>Unordered 3</li></ul> Output:Unordered 1Unordered 2Unordered 3 Code:<ol><li>Ordered 1</li><li>Ordered 2</li><li>Ordered 3</li></ol> Output:Ordered 1Ordered 2Ordered 3 Code:<p>This is a paragraph</p> Output:This is a paragraph Code:<pre>preformatted text</pre> Output:preformatted text Code:<q>Here is a short quotation here is a short quotation</q> Output:Here is a short quotation here is a short quotation Code:<s>Defines strikethrough text</s> Output:Defines strikethrough text Code:<small>small text</small> Output:small text Code:<span>a section in a document</span> Output:a section in a document Code:<strike>strikethrough text</strike> Output:strikethrough text Code:<sub>subscripted text</sub> Output:subscripted text Code:<sup>superscripted</sup> Output:superscripted Code:<u>Defines underlined text</u> Output:Defines underlined text Code:<xmp>preformatted text</xmp> Output:preformatted text Code:<table border="1"><caption>table caption</caption><thead><tr><th>Month</th><th>Savings</th></tr></thead><tfoot><tr><td>Sum</td><td>$180</td></tr></tfoot><tbody><tr><td>January</td><td>$100</td></tr><tr><td>February</td><td>$80</td></tr></tbody></table> Output:table captionMonthSavingsSum$180January$100February$80